Melanoma and alternative medicine

Yoga: exercise, detoxification and relaxation can help fight melanoma

Acupuncture: it can help to mitigate the symptoms induced by chemotherapy, can also help to reduce pain

Hypnotherapy: can be utilised to reduce pain, to boost immune system, to reduce nausea (chemotherapy)

Imagination and visualization: you plan and conduct our life according to the images that rotate in our minds, you have to close your eyes and imagine situations, if you imagine to eate a lemon you have is reaction of salivation. This method can help to fight cancer. The first to use it in tumors was an oncologist Dr Carl Simonton in 1971 in a case of cancer of the pharynx, the patient treated with radiotherapy for sessions of 10 minutes, three times a day imagined radiations like bullets against the tumor. After two months the tumor had disappeared. In the case of melanoma you must immagine to be an armed warrior who hunts and kill the cancer. Another visualizzation is to imagine a bright future making plans for it.

Music therapy: there are several studies suggesting that music can boorst the immune system and can also reduce stress

Herb: Some scientific studies have shown a positive effect of herbs as part of a general protocol for melanoma treatment. Herbs are considered useful in the treatment of melanoma, they may reduce the growth of melanoma or fight melanoma diffusion

Maitake mushroom extract: boosts the immune system and may help to reduce tumor growth with an anti-angiogenetic effect and boorst immuno system during chemotherapy

AHCC (ImmPower ™) is believed to stimulate the immune system to fight melanoma cells increasing the activity of T cells and stimulating the natural killers, it has an anti-oxidant

Betula alba: a study performed in 1995 by John Pezzuto of the University of Illinois, Chicago reported that an extract, birch acid, was able to kill human melanoma cells transplanted into mice

Other herbs used to fight melanoma: Cordycepts, Chinese Dandelion Root, genistein, curcumin