Atlas of melanoma plastic surgery

Atlas of melanoma plastic surgery by Daniele Gandini, plastic surgeon, San Rossore Hospital, Pisa

Antiestetic scars  from old melanoma surgery (Olsen surgery)

Minimal melanoma scars after melanoma plastic surgery

Limberg skin flap

Small skin graft can be done 


Sentinel limph node biopsy: injection of blue dye

The surgeon will make a small incision (usually one-half inch) and remove the sentinel node(s) for a pathologist to examine under a microscope

hand-held gamma ray counter (called a Geiger counter) to detect the radioactive technetium-99

Nodular malignant melanoma and clinically positive regional lymph nodes

Large melanoma: we can perform an intralesional biopsy before demolitive surgery (Lisfranc amputation:amputation of the foot at the tarsometatarsal joint, the plantar soft tissues being preserved to make the flap

Melanoma metastasis must be removed

12a: plastic surgery of metastatic melanoma can give a better quality of life

12 b

12 c

Skin necrosis after surgical incorrect removal of melanoma 

Satellitosis close to melanoma melanoma surgical scar 

Skin grafts from the skin of the groin gives the best estetic results 

Large areas are covered with skin grafts  (Thiersh) 

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