Regola ABCDE
ABCDE rule

The ABCDE rule (Asymmetry, Border irregularity, Color variegation, Diameter >6 mm, elevation or evolution), originally described by Friedman et al., is  a useful tool in facilitating the diagnosis of malignant melanoma and it is now included among The Seven Warning Signals of Cancer of “The American Cancer Society” and it’s a simple method that can identify nevi at risk. The ABCDE is a simple method that can help describe a subset of melanomas, namely early, thin tumorsthat might otherwise be confused with benign pigmented lesions.

ABCDE :: Asimmetria
ABCDE : Asimmetry
Asimmetry: draw a line through a normal mole, you would have two symmetrical halves. In cases of suspect melanoma, the two halves don’t look the same
.ABCDE :: Bordo irregolare
ABCDE : Irregular border
Irregular border: A mole with birregular edges.
ABCDE :: Più colori
ABCDE : different colours
Different colours: A mole that is more than one hue (black, brown, red, white, blue) is suspicious
ABCDE :: Diametro maggiore di 6mm
ABCDE :Diameter > 6mm
ABCDE :: Evoluzione
ABCDE : Elevation/Evolving
Elevation/Evolving: elevation means the mole is raised above the surface. Evolving means that itis changing in size, shape, color.

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