Melanoma: 10 myths to debunk




Melanoma Miths 


1)    Remove a mole is dangerous! Wrong: you can remove a mole at any time, if you skin mole is cancerous or irregular, it’s best that you have it removed surgically

2)    If a mole bleeds is always dangerous! Wrong:melanoma spontaneously bleeds but if a mole is cut (razor or other injury) bleeds like any other part of the skin. Always you must get a mole check up

3)    Exposure to sunlight is always dangerouse! Wrong: exposure to sunlight has a positive effect on osteoporosis. You have to espose with moderation to UV, avoid the central hours of the day and long exposures.

4)    You can’t have two melanomas! Wrong:some patients may develop more melanomas, particularly patients with familial melanoma

5)    The sunscreen should be applied once a day! Wrong: the protective effect of sunscreen is time limited (about 2 hours) and after swimming or showering they should be reapplied.

6)    The UV lamps protect from solar radiation! Wrong: UV rays are very harmful, damage induced by UV lamps could play a major role in melanoma occurrence

7)    Bergamot allows me to tan more! Wrong: bergamot is a photosensitizer and its carcinogenicity is proven, so it must be absolutely excluded from all tanning products,

8)    Tattoos over moles don’t create problema! Wrong:tattoo don’t permit to checkup moles, and they may hide a melanoma.

9)    Boating does not increase exposure to the sun! Wrong: people who go by boat should protect more.

10) Melanoma’s death rate is higher for those with darker skin! True: more skin cancers go undetected in people with darker skin, they’re frequently diagnosed later when the cancer has had a chance to grow deeper, so they have a higher risk of metastases and death

11) Hairy Moles are Always Benign! Wrong: most moles with hair are benign, but there are exceptions

12) Skin Cancer is Confined to White Caucasians! Wrong: most patients with melanoma are Caucasian, people of all races and colors may develop melanoma.

13) Dark-skinned people don’t have melanoma! Wrong: We find melanoma in blacks, hispanics or asians..