Adult sun protection

1) Apply broad-spectrum sunscreen according to skin phototype

2) Apply sunscreen every day 20 minutes before sun exposure, to all sun-exposed areas and reapply it after 2 hours in the sun or if you swim

3) Apply the cream  with particular attention to the nose, cheekbones, lips and ears and around the eyes

4) People with blond or red hair should protect their skin with hat, sunglasses and a T-shirt.

Children sun protection

1) Apply sunscreen that have sun protection factor of at least 30. Anything less is useless.

2) Always use a hat.

3) Avoid the sun between 11am and 3pm. If it happens you must protect them with SPF 50+ sunscreen, a hat and a shirt.

4) Small children should always be kept in the shade

5) Reapply the sunscreen after contact with water or sweating

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