Protect yourself with anti-UV clothings and hats

The sun is a valuable ally in our welfare and our beauty, but it could represent a danger to our health if you underestimate the problems caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays. Any redness of the skin indicates that there has beendamage. Children, adolescents and people with light skin are particularly sensitive and require a particularly high protection.

In addition to sunscreen, it is now possible to approach in a different way to the “sun problem” exploring the possibility of clothings and / or hats for sun protection.

But how do you assess the protective capacity of a garment? If taking a T-shirt against a light source is noted that the fabric passes a lot of light, it means that the UV rays pass through it too easily.

Most of the summer clothings leave too much skin exposed to direct sunlight.

The certified protection of Coolibar clothings

Coolibar is the most famousand tested brand of sunscreen clothing in the world. Coolibar, develops and manufactures clothing, hats and accessories for sun protection, providing a protection factor of UPF 50 +,corresponding to a minimum block of 98% of UVA and UVB rays, the highest protection currently available on the market. Each product has been developed, analyzed, designed and manufactured to provide maximum UV protection and maximum coverage of the skin.

Thanks to Australian over 15 years to decades U.S., coupled with international expertise, has been possible to develop the most reliable tissue to functional anti-UV sun protection available on the market: the Coolibar tissues SUNTECT®.

The Coolibar fabrics SUNTECT® offer a unique combination of weight, color, elasticity, shear, breathability and protection, which allows you to safely enjoy the outdoors. They also represent a valid support to the specialisttreatment. Every fiber of ZnO SUNTECT®, for example, contains millions of particles of zinc oxide, a compoundused in the best natural mineral sunscreens and traditionally used as a topical lotion to protect and treat skinrashes and in case of sunburn. Zinc oxide (ZnO) provides excellent protection, as well as to contain antioxidants that have the effect of stimulating a greater production of collagen for skin wellbeing.

Tests on clothings are performed by independent Coolibar laboratories. After a UV transmission test (which measures both UVA and UVB), the head is subjected to 40 wash cycles and 100 doses exposed to simulated sunlight, and then repeat a second test of UV transmission. After being tested, each product is characterized by an index of sunscreen, as well as a code that allows the quality control and traceability.

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