Il is committed to protecting the privacy of all Participants and to keeping secure personal information that Participants provide to Il (Personal Information). Il is also committed to fully observing the privacy laws of Italy as they stand from time to time. Unless otherwise compelled by law, Il shall restrict access to Personal Information to such Il officers, employees, agents, contractors and advisers who are properly authorised by Il in good faith. Authorisation of such persons shall only extend to legitimate internal purposes of Il

By way of exception to this requirement and subject to relevant Italian laws:

Il may from time to time disclose part or all of the Personal Information supplied to Il by a User to third parties, including third parties who may wish to offer goods and services to the User, but Il may only disclose any such Personal Information to such third parties with the prior consent of the relevant User. Il may seek such consent from Users from time to time. As part of registration processes, Contributors and Experts can expect to be asked for certain Personal Information, including contact details, qualifications, and employment details. Disclosure of any such Personal Information by a Contributor or Expert to Il in any registration process shall be deemed to be a grant of permission by the relevant person to Il to publish any such Personal Information on the Website. Il will use reasonable endeavours to ensure all Personal Information published on the Website in respect of a Contributor or Expert is correct, but accepts no liability for any errors in that regard. If Contributors or Experts identify any errors in respect of their Personal Information on the Website, News-Medical would appreciate prompt notification and will use reasonable endeavours to promptly make necessary corrections.

If Il disposes any part of its undertaking to a third party where such disposal necessitates any transferee having need in good faith to access to Il’s records of Participants’ Personal Information, then nothing in these Terms and Conditions prevents Il giving the relevant transferee access to such Personal Information for the purpose of carrying on the relevant undertaking.