Sentinel node biopsy can predict melanoma progression

Sentinel node biopsy can predict melanoma progression

A study published on Cancer Research announces that sentinel node act as pivotal sites for determining progression patterns, revealing that the presence of CD30+ lymphocytes at those sites associate positively with melanoma progression. Read the abstract ! Vallacchi V, Vergani E, Camisaschi C, et al. Transcriptional Profiling of Melanoma Sentinel Nodes Identify Patients with Poor Outcome

Human skin carcinoma arising from kidney transplant–derived tumor cells

Human skin carcinoma arising from kidney transplant–derived tumor cells

Tumor cells with donor genotype have been identified in human skin cancer after allogeneic transplantation; however, the donor contribution to the malignant epithelium has not been established. Kidney transplant recipients have an increased risk of invasive skin squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), which is associated with accumulation of the tumor suppressor p53 and TP53 mutations. In

Sun protection

Adult sun protection 1) Apply broad-spectrum sunscreen according to skin phototype 2) Apply sunscreen every day 20 minutes before sun exposure, to all sun-exposed areas and reapply it after 2 hours in the sun or if you swim 3) Apply the cream  with particular attention to the nose, cheekbones, lips and ears and around the

Skin phototypes

Type I: always burns and never tans. High chance of developing skin cancers, high risk for melanoma. Recommend the use of sunscreens (SPF 50 +) Type II: often burns and scarcely tans little, high chance of developing skin cancer and melanoma, recommended the use of sunscreens (SPF 50 +) Type III: sometimes burns and gradually

Anti-UV clothings and hats

Protect yourself with anti-UV clothings and hats The sun is a valuable ally in our welfare and our beauty, but it could represent a danger to our health if you underestimate the problems caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays. Any redness of the skin indicates that there has beendamage. Children, adolescents and people with light skin are particularly sensitive and require a particularly high protection. In addition to sunscreen, it is now possible to approach in a different way to the

Melanoma prevention

Melanoma often occurs with excessive sun exposure, so the best way to prevent melanoma is to reduce the amount of time you spend in the sun, avoid the sun from 11 am and 4 pmand make sure that you are well protected when you are in the sun, I also recommend exposure to the sun cautiously,

Melanocytic naevi

Melanocytic naevi

Moles are proliferations of pigmented cells called melanocytes, which aggregate taking variables aspects.  Moles may be red, red-brown, brown, black or blue, the shapes may vary from round to oval and the size from pinhead to giant dimension. For example congenital nevi can affect an entire limb or part of the trunk (bathing trunk nevus).

Modelli di dermatoscopio

NB: Le informazioni sono state ricavate dai siti delle case produttrici   Videocap 3.0: è una linea di video-biomicroscopi in epiluminescenza, ad immersione e a luce polarizzata, ‘a contatto’ e ‘non a contatto’ che soddisfano le molteplicie differenti esigenze della diagnostica differenziale sia del clinico che del ricercatore. Frutto della ricerca e della progettazione di

Creme protettive solari

Le protezioni solari possono avere un filtro chimico o fisico o una miscela dei due, esistono formulazioni in crema, unguento, lozione, gel e spray e devono essere utilizzati sia in estate che nei mesi invernali se ci si reca sulla neve. I filtri chimici (padimate O, omosalato, octil metossicinnamato, benzofenone, octil salicilato, fenilbenzimidazolo, acido sulfonico, ecamsule,